Friday, September 24, 2010

Total Randomness

... because it's been that type of a week ...
  • The apple of my eye has teeth now and another niece turns 13 this weekend. It's hard to believe that I used to diaper that kid. Where have the years gone? I suddenly feel old. 
  • It's national preparedness month so make sure you have first aid kits, survival kits, home disaster plans etc in place. Also does your place of employment have a business continuity plan in place?
  • I have a bone to pick with bra designers ... who the fuck came up with the fasteners? Could they not have come up with something Velcro like but with more hold. Now don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the miracles that a good bra can work for a woman. I will, however, always gripe about the fastener fumble [I'm not that smooth].
  • I was watching Current TV and they had a collection of short films that they featured in a program called Gay Pride: In & Out of the Closet (Part 1). They had a diverse collection of stories on gay life from around the world and the host wasn't exactly hard on the eyes either. I highly recommend watching it if you get Current TV.
  • I am so getting myself an Audi R8. I've sat in that car so many times and imagined myself driving it across the Chi skyway. This past week I spent some QT in the company of the 2010 R8 Spyder drop top at the dealership. Damn near creamed my pants when I sat in it and held the steering wheel. I still want the hard top though.
  • Choc chip pancakes are my new fave item to eat. They don't lend themselves very easily to a healthy lifestyle though. O and I now make a mean vegetable soup.
Q & A
  • Was asked what I identify as. Umm given the alphabet soup that is out there, I use either queer or gay or flaming 'mo ... it just depends on how much of a rise I want to get out of the person who asked.
  • Am I ever planning to settle down? Yuppers. I'm already interviewing for the position of the future Mrs. Ty.
  • Why did I change my profile pic and put up an actual photo? Call it vanity.
  • What would I cook for a date? Not sure.  Probably a side salad, rice and chicken stew and I'd buy a fruit tart for desert. If she's a vegetarian it'd be ricotta stuffed shells with a rose sauce [I worked in a kitchen years ago] instead of chicken stew. I suppose I could always sling a personal pan pizza. What can I say, I am a closeted cook. If she is a vegan ... sorry babe this is not going to work out.
And because I didn't include this week's Tuesday Beat I give you Ryan Cabrera with It's You.


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Anonymous said...

"...It's hard to believe that I used to diaper that kid. Where have the years gone? I suddenly feel old..."

I feel this everytime my nephew comes at me with some grown, smart ass remark. With shock, I look at him like "where did you come from?"