Friday, July 18, 2008

Cherry Bomb: "The Ex-Factor"

What to do about those darn exes. In my opinion breakships are the wierdest thing. I have exes on both sides of the fence. One I'm still friends with because we just are who we are and there are a couple that I don't speak to. I called it off and that was that. Dont' call me don't page me, nuthing. It's done. I'm still friends with one of them because our friendship predated the relationship. Janay said it best in the comments section of the vlog:
It seems to be very beneficial to date a guy early on in life cause everyone I know including myself who had a long-term relationship with a guy is like bestfriends with the guy. Weird.
Yup that about summarizes our friendship.

Is it okay to date a friend's ex? IMHO ask. Dalila had an interesting answer:
  • If it's a close friend ask
  • If one's not so close give a courtesy information session i.e thought you should know we are dating
  • If it's an acquaintance, when you see us out together you'll know we are a couple.
Statutes of limitations?? Something else to consider. If y'all are broken up, she's fair game.

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