Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Half penny post: This and that

First off thanks to all the kindly folks who frequent this blog. You have given me a sense of community and family. I have also been blessed to learn from those who have blogs of their own. So thank you to all.

To the kindly folks who have also taken time out of their days to let me know that gays are going to hell, thank you as well. This clip is for you... Rowan Atkinson does one hell of a monologue. Please note it is in jest and is not meant to offend anyone.

I have been reading on queers of color with a particular interest in Africans or immigrants. If you have any resources that you think might be of use, please put them into comments section.

On a different note, welcome to fall in Chicago. 80 degrees one day 50 the next. Today I began layering clothing in earnest. Layering included a waterproof jacket as it's raining as well. The leaves have turned and that has prompted me to take a trip back to OH to see the Fall foliage, so this weekend I'll be blogging from one airport or another.


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