Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly Rundown

Hope the turkeys / tofurkeys were plentiful and the pies freshly made for those of you who celebrate American Thanksgiving.
  • Week 1 with no formal school has been awesome! Nothing like clocking 6+ hours of sleep for 5 days in a row.
  • For those who've been following my endless drama, my mum has finally arrived. It took a year of this and that and endless headaches but she eventually made it.
  • It's finally feeling like fall in the Chi...
  • For those who've inquired, I do have a twitter account and it is queerafrican. Had to separate the professional from the personal tweets.
  • And finally as a Buckeye fan I feel obligated to share that we whooped Michigan's ass yet again. :)
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readyornot said...

woah. i haven't been here in too long. but yay@ buckeyes, natalie dee, and twitter.

i haven't heard alicia's album yet. now i really want to.