Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is it Saturday yet?

I am going to blame my absences on my brutal work schedule and leave it at that. Going from self employed to being on someone else's payroll = giving up some freedoms.
Soooo how are the women looking out there? Where I am all I gotta say is dear Lord forgive me for I have sinned and unfortunately will continue to at the going rate. Yes there is a platter of eye candy which you would think at my age I am immune to. Nope no such luck. If you can't find someone that catches your eye here I'd recommend joining a convent. I met a lad while shopping for some body jewelery who proceeded to school me on the gay scene out here. Consider me prepped and in the know.
I am not exactly out at work but I think a few have it figured out esp the schedule maker. I have a late start on gay day and on pride which are days when I would normally have an early start.
Hmmm onto more serious news, I was quite saddened to hear of the passing of MaSisule, one of South Africa's finest. The woman had a will of steel and the discipline that many of us strive for. May she rest in peace.
Have a great weekend folks!

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readyornot said...

Is it safe to say you haven't posted in ages because you've been too busy being surrounded by fineness?! I ain't mad. Hope all's well.