Monday, September 22, 2008

Zimbabwean Bloggers article in LA Times

I recently read an article 'Zimbabwe bloggers shine a light on their troubled country' by Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer posted on September 10, 2008. Bloggers gives news from the ground sometimes recounting their tales through humor at times in anger and at times with wild hope.

What drew me to the article was the quoting of Bev Clark of, founded by Clark and her partner, Brenda Burrell, organizes protests and sends out newsletters and text messages to reach people in a country where only a few use the Internet.
Clark cut her teeth as a white gay activist in the 1980s and '90s, at a time when Mugabe called homosexuality "sub- animal behavior" and said gays and lesbians had no rights and should be arrested.
She writes: "In no particular order, I'm fed up with: a) vendors selling me overpriced trays of eggs whilst I'm crossing the road; b) dead of night tsotsis (criminals) stealing telephone cables rendering all phones kaput; c) my hunting dog waking me up at 4am, 3 nights in a row; d) civil society fear merchants who say Don't Do A Damned Thing, or we'll provoke a state of emergency in Zimbabwe; e) Mugabe; f) waiting."
I personally enjoy reading Clark's posts and have written about them in the past. Time permitting read the whole LA Times article and check out
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