Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Half Penny Post: Insanity Reigns

My bad for being M.I.A for a few. I know I owe you a recount of my travels from last week as well as a weekly rundown. I hope to do a combo post on Friday.
Shit hit the fan and for some bloody reason the fan jus keeps on blowing. Digging out of this mess will require a lotta elbow grease and a big ass shovel. I actually have a tension headache from this mess and I broke down and took some meds for it. I accept full responsibility for my part in this whole fiasco. Now where did I leave my coveralls and wellingtons ... might as well get to work. BTW the insanity officially began with my phone taking an unsanctioned swim.
Other than the shit and the fan can't say much else is going on.

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EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Hey Ty! My summer is going well waiting until this month is over so I can have a little bit of a break from classes before the fall. How is your summer going? I hope you are doing well and things are getting back to normal after shit hit the fan for you. Anyway I have to get going for class. Ttys