Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Rundown

We are returning to a staple of the site for it has been a crazy couple of weeks.
  • My niece is growing like a weed. Her personality is beginning to show too. I love hearing her giggle. She also has this habit of crossing her feet when she content. Just thinking of her makes me miss her more.
  • I love my job. My supervisor has been steadily increasing my responsibilities and I've enjoyed the challenge. The first time they sent me out on my own I crashed and burned spectacularly. My supervisor just gave me a pep talk and some pointers and said I'd do better next time. I did. Nothing like knowing someone has your back.
  • Once a week I treat myself to a lil something food related. Since I've started cooking I enjoy trying out different stuff. Today I decided on brunch being the treat and made myself some savory baked beans from scratch (like we used to have at home), a poached egg, some swiss cheese on chiffonaded (sp) ham and toast. Chiffonading tricks the mouth into thinking there is more ham than there actually is so its great when you are on a budget. Other than the beans which took an hour, the meal only took 10 mins to prepare. Before I get called out for having ham, I did say I would be eating mostly vegetarian.
  • On the social front I'm as single as ever and you know what, I am okay with it.
  • As to the struggles of Lent, I need to find an iceberg to lay on. Giving up self service was not the wisest thing to do. I am perpetually horny which is distracting to say the least. Instead of spending quality time in spiritual reflection, my mind is spending QT reflecting on the women I see.
  • If you are in the Chi, Cirque Du Femme is tonight at Circuit.
Have a great weekend folks!

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Simone said...

I'm as single as ever and also okay with that. Good for you. I like the idea of trying something new food-wise, might have to steal that one.