Friday, March 13, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

A lil late but posted non the less....
  • Another week's gone by, and we are that much closer to spring. That transalates into misery for those with allergies. Today was a rough day and my nose has been thoroughly exfoliated not to mention my eyes. I'm surprised I didn't break out into hives given how much I've been getting my scratch on. I do so hate it when the itch in under the skin and you can't quite get it.
  • Job updates: I had a web development seminar and made 2 good contacts. I might be collaborating with one of them on a project if we can line things up. I have 2 informational interviews scheduled for early next week so gotta prep & get my questions right for those. I also have a resume review meeting Monday so we'll see where it leads.
  • I'm slowly ticking things off my list of goals for the month of March. It feels soooooo good to do that.
  • Had me some doro wat yesterday that was some fabulous stuff. Good conversation and a good meal, some mild flirtation what more can one ask for?
  • My phone rounded its last bend so I had to break out some screw drivers and put some time into repairs. I should have a PhD in breakology. Good thing to come out of this repair session is that I now have the calendar on my phone synced with my google calendar.
  • I'm due for a trip so I'm heading to OK to see my niece and nephew next weekend. Tis a 12 hour drive... should be fun. I am reaching a point whereby I need to make a decision where my niece is concerned. I've for the most part dodged her questions about dating and stuff because I know her parents don't approve of the "gay lifestyle". That she has been sheltered probably doesn't aid the cause. Child will be 12 shortly and she does need to understand that gay folks do exist in the family. We are not an abstract idea.
  • My mother continues to wait for her passport ...
  • I am feeling anxious about something, donno what though.
  • BTW recall my visualization thing from a few weeks back. Well I was visualizing a lil somn and it came to pass. :)
  • Other than that it's been a pretty quiet week.

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