Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cooking Channel

I am seriously stuck on the Cooking Channel. No I'm not talking about the Food Network. I am talking about Cooking Channel. The programming reminds me of old school Food Network where it was about the food and cooking it. It just has a fresher and simplified look to it. No super productions and several awesome British shows.
Basic French cooking ... check. Indian made easy ... check [don't pretend like you don't want to know how to make a wicked curry masala]. Chinese food made easy ... check [moo goo gai pan anyone?]

Nigella Lawson is a woman after my own heart. Her show Nigella Express is totally kick ass in that she cooks like I do. As few pots as possible, as much flavor as you can pack in and have fun while doing it. Did I mention that her dishes are sinful. The woman just goes for it.

I can now make a pizza from scratch as well as flavorful moist burgers in a pan on the stove [secret seems to be handling the meat as little as possible]. I tried the burger recipe out on my roomie and he thought it was decent. I will test out the pizza recipe on the roomies once I perfect it. Dough making definitely requires more practice since I am used to cooking by feel and taste not actual precise measurements.

If your cable provider has it definitely check it out if you like food shows.

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