Sunday, July 18, 2010

Of new under garments and getting laid

Took a trip to spend some QT with the family and on my ride home today I overheard
"I suppose I should go out and get new underwear if I'm going to sleep with him". [2 young ladies were sitting behind me and evidently did not have indoor voices]

Can someone explain this phenomenon to me? Why do people go out and get new under garments before they shag someone new? Is the old stuff out of fashion? I know folks who do this religiously and it has got to add up financially if you date a few folks over the course of the year. Also comes the question of are you buying what you think the other person will like or what you like because they can be 2 completely different things.

The reason that I ask is that I personally do not see the point of getting new under garments if you are planning to shag someone new. I buy new stuff for me.

A question that comes up on occasion when I go shopping with female friends and we make the "quick" stop at Victoria's is if I rock boxers? Simple answer is it depends. My arse's hierarchy for under garments is Jockey, Hanes, FTL. I prefer the ladies line of skivvies from Jockey. They are muy cómodo and my arse has written several testimonials to that effect. Note no secrets from Vickie. My theory is anything is sexy if the person wearing it loves it.

So comment below, tweet back, fb message, whatever you have. I am really curious about the undergarment phenomenon.


EvolvingContradiction7 said...

Hey! How have you been? I am not sure why women buy new undies to sleep with new people. I guess it makes them feel more confident, or they are just looking to please if they are not sure of themselves in the bed, or it may just be their belt notch tracker one undie for every person they've slept with (LOL they probably buy packs so that they can give the person one and then keep one for themselves) LOL the things I think of on my way home. Anyway I buy undies because I want them, they look good in or out of clothing, and I feel sexy in them.

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Ty said...

Talk about a detailed answer. I've been good... spent the last 2 weeks with my niece.

My roomie's answer is that it is part of the getting ready process for a date. It's like getting your hair done, shaving your legs etc.