Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Beat: Karl Wolf - Yalla Habibi

I thought I'd throw this one in for the hell of it. It's not exactly a love song. Lebanese Canadian bloke whose music I listen to on occasion. Shayne Ward (English), Burhan G (Danish), Karl Wolf and Shawn Desman (Portuguese Canadian) will be forever linked in my mind as I discovered their music around the same time. Last week we had Shayne Ward this week it's Wolf. We had Desman a few weeks back. Next week we have a throw back, 1982 to be exact, and an '05 song that borrows from it.
Yalla Habibi
We can go
Far away
To a sunny place
Yalla Habibi
We can fly
To a place and hide
So we can spend time
Yalla Habibi
I miss the cuddlin’
Miss the kissin’
And miss the way you touch me
Why don’t we enjoy the beauty of life?
Yalla Baby

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