Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Rundown

Le sigh. Talk about a roller coaster week.
  • This week was a lot rougher than I expected. It had a bumpy start and Tuesday's round of interviews probably didn't help. I interviewed for 4.5 hours straight (written test, phone tests, IT tests, 6 different interviews) with a company that I really like but I was tired and hungry by hour 3. My body is used to eating every 3 hours so my blood sugar levels plummeted around the 3.5 hour mark. I did get a banana at hour 4 but my body had gone into mutiny. Try answering the CTO's [company founder too] questions on an empty stomach and let me know how it goes. I guess I did well enough as I am on to the next round.
  • Wednesday I had to cut the work day short because my allergies got the better of me. My fingers were swollen, I was itching up a storm and I had the headache from hell.
  • Thursday was an infinitely better day. I saw the librarian in the morning and I recommended a book to her. I then asked about the origins of her name and we got to talking about that as well her siblings. Progress. The weather was decent and I got 3+ miles of walking in. My goal is to be able to pull off walking 4 miles to the hour or the infamous 15 minute mile. I'm currently at 3.2 mph.
  • Thursday also netted me a note from an ex that sent me into a minor tailspin. She was my first love and to be honest, I don't think I totally got over her.
  • CERT class netted the following quote from one of my team members while we were practicing how to stop patients from grabbing onto stuff while you were carrying them to the treatment area from a scene: "Do not give them that wooden stake to hold. We might end up with some Twilight vampire shit on site." That he said it with a straight face made it that much funnier.
  • Allergies and PMS make for a very bad combo. I am very testy when my allergies are bothering me and this was not the week for people to be starting shit wit me. Case in point the lady at Target who thought I was trying to rob her simply because I walked towards a store shelf which happened to be where her cart (purse was in it apparently) was parked in front of the item that I wanted to buy. I didn't even see the damn cart. Would I be stupid enough to attempt something like that with witnesses readily available? That totally fucked up the rest of my afternoon.
I am soo f'n stressed right now. Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow will be a better day. Fuck it, I'll deal with whatever tomorrow brings.

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readyornot said...

congrats on making it to round two of the interviews! woo-ha. still rooting for the whole librarian thing. :-)