Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Rundown

Is it the weekend already? Le sigh ... I take that back, le smile. Weather's been good to an African :).
Last week I forgot to post the rundown. Yes forgot. I was too busy playing with my niece to recall what day of the week it was. It gets harder and harder to come back after I see her.

  • My inner 5 year old is loving that it's leaf stomping season. Yes I do have the propensity to act very immature on occasion. My inner teen thinks the warm weather should like totally stay.
  • I would like to pose a question to those of you with non-American accents ... do you get irked by people commenting on your accent? My accent leans more towards the British side of things and people seem to feel the need to point it out to me.
  • Spent most of this past week battling code. Being a free lance worker means when you get an engagement you bust your ass for a check and when you are not engaged you bust your ass for free [in the name of skill building].
  • I have EM related commitments every so often and depending on what we're doing [community canvassing, office data entry, helping with paperwork, participating in drills, etc] I dress accordingly. Can somebody please tell me why I get treated differently by the same receptionist depending on what I'm wearing. Last week I had to rock my blue collar look complete with helmet and reflective jacket and said receptionist had to bring on the extra attitude when I asked if i could pick up my mail. When I am formally dressed its all yes ma'ams... like really woman, do your rough days just happen to coincide with my steel toe days?
  • Speaking of women, it's breast cancer awareness month so save your partner's life by giving her a thorough breast exam ... foreplay anyone? I joke about it, but early detection will save her life.
  • National Coming Out Day is on the 11th of this month. Who are you coming out to this year?
  • My alma mater has homecoming this weekend. I wish the football team all the best and hope that they uphold tradition and win their only game of the season. :) Yes they are that bad.
Have a great [long] weekend folks!

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