Saturday, November 29, 2008

SoBe White Party

Lo and behold I went to the party and it deserves it's own post. Fun fun fun! Women all over decked out in their intepretations of 'white attire'.
Where to begin??? Party was at Nikki Beach club which I'm told is one of the spots to see and seen. It was an indoor outdoor setting so people were flowing in and out yada yada. The best part was when I walked in and saw Nicole Pina ... ooo honey I almost keeled over in a faint. The woman is FINE! For those who do not know who she is I present a visual sample and her myspace profile. I have mentioned her previously in relation to her role as Tori in The Lovers and Friends Show. K I'll quit talking about her but suffice it to say, I loved seeing her in person several times over the course of the evening

Also in the house was Dee who won Shear Genius, love her hair. At one point in time I was on the dance floor right next to her and had to check myself ... no asking for photo ops when someone is there relaxing.

Hmm what else transpired ... a lot of dancing some imbibing of adult beverages, some tipping of dancers and an incident that involved a swag bag, some ice, some glo-sticks, quite possibly 2 other people and uh we'll leave it at that. Unfortunately for you to understand why we're leaving it at that I need to present exhibit A and B.

The glo-sticks somehow ended up attached to my shirt front. I just took the tat photo a second ago with my phone. Its on my neck and rather hard to hide.

Tat is a temp but it is waterproof so I'm about to start a research project on how to get it off before Monday. If I don't I'll be hard pressed to explain it in the office.
We partied until 4 am and I had to leave for the airport at 8. Needless to say I got up at 8 and thank goodness I had enough common sense to pack my stuff after I got home from the party. I missed my airport bus & had to improv my way there. I must say living on the edge is not all that as I almost had a heart attack a time or two. I literarily ran to the gate. As an aside, the lady sitting across the aisle from me was giving one hell of a presentation on why people should not have tats. And mine was on prominent display. Anyway I write to you from Charlotte, NC as a sign that I did indeed catch my flight.

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