Monday, November 10, 2008

Travel Post: DC Again

To start off I'd like to address a question posed by readyornot on whether or not I'd adopt a child if I didn't have a partner. Short answer yes. I have given it some thought and concluded that as long as I have a good support network around me I would go ahead and do it. I would also need to be on the up and up financially as having no backup finances has the potential to not only screw me up, but to also screw up the life of the innocent child.

Well I'm in DC and have been for a hot minute. I should be heading home tomorrow as I have work in the afternoon. I had a day off of class and decided to travel up here to visit my sister and close friend who is in town from Japan. It's been nice seeing him and catching up with my sister. Weather is infinitely better too.

I flew in through Philly and must say that I have fallen in love with their airport. There is so much to see and do. Below are a few images of an exhibit by Lisa Murch. Also note the bell is made using lego pieces only.

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