Saturday, February 14, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

Hey all,
Tis been a week of ups and downs and here's the recap:
  • Warm weather on Tuesday made my week.
  • Zimbabwe has a new Prime Minister, and on his day of installation, the phones actually worked (not so much the day after).
  • I have built my site and should be sending it live tomorrow at 6pm. It's more of a portfolio and it's very basic right now.
  • I am trying to get into the Young Professionals Program with the African Development Bank. You should see the program application. I called it an evening at the 90 minute mark. It's to be continued. I have been going back and forth about staying in the US after graduation. My current thought is that if I stay all good if I get a good job elsewhere all good as well. I just need to be in a place that, among other things, is gay friendly. I am going to try and avoid the closet.
  • I am hitting up job fairs and networking events as if it was my third quite possibly fourth job. I had the Joomla CMS webdevelopers monthly meeting and made a few contacts. I've got a Winter job fair this coming week so we're brushing up those resumes.
  • Lovers and Friends Ep 5 was finally put up, after I was mad tired of stalking the site to see it.
  • Jenn and Dee put up a vlog and it might be just me, but it seemed to lack that camaraderie that we're used to. Must be mid-terms putting metatarsal to posterior.
  • And finally, I cut my locs this morning and am now rocking a brush cut. I seem to have lost 10 pounds in the process.
Love & Peace


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readyornot said...

what do you think of the new prime minister? i think that is a good plan, seeing where you find employment and all. good luck with that application, geez. sounds serious. how do you like your hair-cut? :o)