Friday, May 15, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

Happy Friday mi compadres. Hope your week has been fun and productive.
  • Weather has been fabulous for the most part. I've tried to sneak in as much time as humanely possible outside. With warm weather comes the insanity that is the pedestrian. Pedestrians have absolutely no regard for cars. We will cross a street right in front of an on coming car and expect the driver to stop. With warm weather also comes the teens hanging out on street corners. Major summer annoyance #1.
  • I had my web dev seminar this week and got a crash course in Google analytics. Had another sem on Facebook Ap development. Last week I was over at Google for their talk. There seems to be a theme forming here.
  • BTW I am no longer finishing my Master's this summer. I'm in School til next March. I have 3 classes left and was planning to finish them in Aug but a couple of things have come up. I am still walking in 3 weeks with the rest of my class as I already have the gown and cap.
  • Wedding season is upon us. I have friends dropping out of the singles ranks faster than flies that have been hit with Raid. One of my old college roomies is getting married in Japan and people are flying out there for the wedding. I am really bummed that I can't go see her say I do but she has promised me lots of photos. Does anyone know Japanese wedding ettiquette? What gifts does one send?
  • Another friend of mine has an upcoming baby shower. I dislike attending the showers, wedding or baby. If ever there was a place that I feel extremely uncomfortable, that would be it. I am usually able to get out of attending but the upcoming babay shower is for a friend whose family I'm very close to so my not attending would be rude at least in my books.
  • I would like to take a moment to thank the creators of video sharing sites such as YouTube and Tudou. I am on a mission to watch all 3 .5 seasons of South of Nowhere before the quarter ends. I also would like to watch the final season of Allo Allo because that program is hilarious. RenĂ© and Michelle of the Resistance are two of my all time fav tv characters. I spend an hour every night on Youtube watching web development / photoshop tutorials. Nothing like a free education.
  • My first full website deployment went well this past week. I was part of the team that moved our departmental website to the new CMS and it's up and running. My portion of the equation went rather well. Learnt a lot about my self as well during the migration. I now know how to break and fix shit. My next web deployment should be done May the 30th at the latest.
  • I need to start using this blog to highlight my finer points. It could vastly improve my chances of landing a date if my neuroses don't scare them away first.
  • If any of you watch Bollywood movies, check out the song kaise mujhe tum mil gayee as it is a hauntingly beautiful love song. It's off of the movie Ghajani if I recall correctly. Movie had me breaking out the Kleenex. Incidentally, if you know of any available queer Desi ladies do please send them my way.
  • The run down ends here. I messed up my right arm earlier this week so I can't write for extended periods of time. If I do I end up in pain and the last 2 fingers go numb.
Have a good weekend!

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