Saturday, May 23, 2009

Travel: IO - NE - CO

I am on the rode again and this time I'm heading to Tucson Arizona. I'm driving with a friend who is moving there. All I can say is my ass will forever have a Toyota logo imprint. We drove for 14 hours today and decided to call it a night in Trinidad, Colorado. We drove straight through Iowa and Nebraska and I feel it is worth mentioning that there is NOTHING to see along that drive save for the windmill farms in Iowa (see photo at end of post - you might need to click on it to enlarge it).

Who had the bright idea to name a gas station Kum and Go. Every single time that I've seen one I've felt a lil like a perv. Anyway, I got a shot glass that say Kum and Go and one of the gas stations as proof. I also had the great fortune of seeing the world's largest truck stop in Iowa.

We stopped in Denver for an hour and did some shopping and I must say I love the view of the mountains in the distance. I could definitely see myself living out here and heading out to hike on weekends. The winter weather would be the biggest deterrent to this happening though.

Anyway I'll post the weekly rundown next week as I'll be ont he road tomorrow for just as many hours.

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