Sunday, May 10, 2009

Half Penny Post: My list

I was asked a week or two ago to put up a list of what I want as I had put up a list of deal breakers. Well this is the beginning of the want list. Most points are negotiable save for the smoking.
  • sense of humor ( u gotta be able to laugh at your own mistakes)
  • some sort of religious background ( pick your spiritual path, I just need you to have something)
  • loves the arts or can at least tolerate em (I enjoy going to listen to an orchestra – yes I like classical music and music is an integral part of my life)
  • reads avidly (even if tis the daily paper)
  • volunteers their time to some cause
  • has traveled somewhere at least 4 hrs from place of current residence
  • understands how to agree to disagree
  • has a working draft of their goals and aspirations
  • will still go out with me if I look like a box of crayola color wonder after spending an afternoon with kids
  • has the patience of a saint because I know I can be frustrating to deal with at times
  • doesn't smoke
  • enjoys sampling the cuisines of the world (and can serve ramen 20 different ways – this is a tie breaker)
  • buck o fives need nt apply. I like healthy looking women.
  • partial to femmes
  • no crazy hair color combos (magenta tips with blond roots need nt apply)
  • can't look like you lost a battle with a box of fishing tackles
  • educational requirements may vary but generally speaking a bachelor's degree is a good starting point. I want this because I need to know that you can stick to something and finish it.

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