Saturday, September 5, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

Salut! I have been a professional slacker but with good reason.
  • Lots going on and several things coming into fruition. It's really looking to be a period of productivity. I am feeling good about the progress that I'm making and trust that we'll move even further.
  • School's kicking off so we're on the home stretch. November is on the horizon. I'm still looking at PhD progs and have a grad school fair next week. Beauty of it is that it's schools from around the world so I'm stoked. BTW if I choose to go the academia route, it's to be in Informatics not Computer Science.
  • I realised this summer that I've learnt and taught myself a lot over the last couple of months. Some tech stuff is second nature now and I've learned a website CMS. You know you're making strides when you email your main contact in tech support and he has never heard of your error because you've gone up a level from the regular user questions.
  • I've got my first 2 certifications through RC and have another 8 or so to clear in the coming months.
  • I'm in dire need of sleep. Late nights and early mornings have begun to take a toll on me. After work I used to pull 2 hours of studying, 2 hours of tv/ web browsing, 1 hour of phone (don't ask). Now it's 1 hour studying, 2 hours tv / browsing / school research, 2 hours on phone (with good reason - major change in priorities). And NO I'm not seeing anyone.
  • Best response that I've ever heard to a what happened to you question: "A roof, a floor and a lot of space in between".
  • Lenelle Mo├»se is going to be in town in 2 weeks. For the locals who wish to catch her performance and workshop, check the Columbia U (chicago) website.
Happy long weekend folks! Be safe out there. And our regularly scheduled programing will resume next week Tuesday.

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