Friday, September 18, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's been a great couple of days and I do mean great! A fair number of ups and downs but great overall.
  • School's back in session so lots of reading to do. I have 2 classes - 1 in law and the other in systems.
  • RC classes continue and I'm really getting into the swing of things. I'm also learning from my classmates who are out in the Emergency Management field and their input on the problems that technology causes is really an eye opener. Through them I've also begun to pick up on what software I need to be learning. AWESOME! Class tomorrow morning ... not so awesome.
  • I've been looking into PhD programs as I mentioned in an earlier post and this week I met with recruiters from New Zealand, UK and Canada. It was a great networking opportunity and because I already have a rough idea of what I want my thesis to be in, they were better able to point me in the right direction for resources on their campuses.
  • Had job interviews that went soo well I actually have an offer. I am weighing accepting it or passing on it. There will be very large trade-offs either way. I need to have reached a decision by Sunday and I have a headache from thinking it through ... a workmate pointed out that its a good thing to be stressed out by having an offer as you could be just as stressed without an offer.
  • Lots of stuff going on with my family. Mostly good. I hope to be able to post on it soon. I jus need to get permission ... you'll understand why when I post.
  • Belated Happy Bairthday to Sheena! She has rounded the quater century mark.

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readyornot said...

a. go to new zealand!!!!
b. thanks for the bday wishes
c. glad to hear you had an awesome week