Friday, October 2, 2009

Half Penny Post: Weekly Rundown

Tis Friday!
  • A cold one at that. The Chi has suddenly gotten a lil colder... and wetter. No thanks to that I am on the other side of a cold. Still battling the sniffles though and killer tiredness.
  • Ever noticed how when you are feeling good about yourself, everyone else seems to notice.
  • It's been an otherwise decent week. Jobs fairs and PhD funding seminars were the main highlights.
  • Babies abound ... God must've had a 2 for one sale going coz several people that I know are spotting baby bumps.
  • Time permitting, swing by AfterEllen and watch the dating tip vlogs by Sarah P. and Malinda. It's a series of seven vlogs with some great pointers that run the gamut from how to get a first date to dating etiquette.
  • As I don't have much else to share, I'm adding a clip that I consider one of the best on YT. Dr Bailey is my hero. " to gracefully demure if you find that you don't like the local cuisine." Best line ever!

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