Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Half penny post: Do over

Well it's official, the US has a new president so congratulations! A quick comment about his oath: we were joking about his needing a do over yesterday and today I discovered that he did indeed redo it.

Also of note, you have an African president. You are what your father is hence he is African or Kenyan to be more precise.

And did you see the man cut a rug? Ain't never seen a president dance that well.


readyornot said...

aw, i feel bad now. cause i wasn't thinking he sure CAN'T dance. i'm probably projecting, since i'm the one who can't hear rhythm. holla @ kenya up in the white house. :-D


Queers United said...

im so happy obama is prez.

Simon said...

Hmmm. "You are what your Father is". Well, my Father is Namibian, but my Mother is a New Zealander, and I was born and raised in New Zealand. In some way, I do understand where people are coming from when they say "Oh, well your Dad is African therefore so are you", but what I don't like about these statements is they effectively dismisses my Mother's heritage, which accounts for 50% of who I am as a human being.

I hope this comment doesn't come across as sarcastic or mean - I found your blog because I was looking for other gay Africans (well, half African, in my case) - but I felt strongly enough that I wanted to share my mind.