Monday, January 5, 2009

Half Penny Post: Gotta Wonder

Well maybe we can make the last trip a noteworthy one. I've just discovered that I have Monday off next week and might use that to extend my proposed last hurrah before I have to batten down the hatches for the rest of the school year.
Anyway I've gotten to wondering, why do I love women ... I mean they are the bane of my existence much like my homework.
They are temperental, annoying, a pain in the ass all around and all that. Granted the same can be said for blokes. The same however cannot be said for PMS, MS and other reasons for moodiness (I forgot an "important" date, I'm late for dinner, I said somn stupid etc).
They are intelligent, articulate (most of the time), sexy as hell. They'll give you a run for your money in most arguments and have the power to make you forget everything with just a look. They can inspire you to be greater than you are (or grind you into dust).
Anyway I've got too much time on my hands if I'm contemplating all this.

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musicisamust said...

"Gotta wonder"? You and me both! LOL! But you're right. Women, despite the negatives, are the most marvelous creation... ever!

Oh, I like your playlists. I'm diggin some of the same songs. Can I give you a list of some tunes heavy in my ipod rotation? In no particular order:

1. Van Hunt: "Being A Girl" This could be the theme song for your "Gotta Wonder" post. :)
2. Rahsaan Patterson: "No Danger"
3. Alice Smith: "Dream"
4. Kelis: "Trilogy"
5. Ledisi: "Think of You"
6. Zhane: "Sending my Love"
7. Anthony David & India Arie: "Words"
8. Rahsaan Patterson: "Feels Good"
9. Robin Thicke: "Wanna Love You Girl"
10. Just about anything that's sung by Lizz Wright (I think I love her!)