Saturday, January 17, 2009

Half penny post: Pushing through

My ass is officially 2 shades lighter no thanks to the cold weather.

I've been trying to keep up with what's going on on the ground in Zimba and it's been mighty depressing. Inflation is 231 million percent. A figure that I can't even fathom. I speak to my mum as often as I can to make sure that she is doing ok. There has been an outbreak of cholera and there are all sorts of shortages. Every transaction is done in foreign currency. This post on Kubatana really made me that much more down. I really do hope my mum's paperwork comes through soon.

It's been a rough couple o days as I've been adjusting to the new course load. I did feel a lil overwhelmed during the middle of the week and that was further exercebated by weather. The second half of the week was spent trying to stave of a bout of depression that I feel trying to come on.

I'm currently watching Jeff Dunham and I-Robot simultaneously. I love Peanut (inappropriate as hell) and Achmed (the dead terrorist ). I just realized something while watching I-Robot, the car that Will Smith drives in the movie was the prototype (2004 -l) for the car that I am infatuated with - the Audi R-8 (2008 -r).

I was on the UN website looking for jobs and came across a posting that had the perfect job. I saw it and just fell short of jumping up and down. It's in business continuity planning, technology, business and in several different countries. Where do I sign up???? Graduation is around the corner so job hunting is now one of my part time jobs. SOO if you know of anyone who is hiring or has a trainee program, let me know please.

Teach Tolerance,



readyornot said...

toes crossed for your ma! (!!!) job hunting is nuts. my senior year i knew for sure that i wanted to go into publishing, so i went to every book-related event and every job fair i could find. it paid off, although a year later i decided i hated publishing! you probably are, but be sure to utilize your school's on-campus career center. i ended up finding my first position at a fair our career center held. working with the UN would be insane. ah- best wishes!! you might have some look googling NGO + country or city of desire. thrilling times for you, i'm envious!


musicisamust said...

Hiya QA.

I didn't realize you were from Zim. I thought you were from SA. Never been to Zim; but I've been following the situation there. Its really disheartening. I do hope your family manages to stay well and things work out for your mom. Take care sweetie.