Sunday, January 4, 2009

Half penny post: My o my

There is an L-word marathon on ShoToo and it is messing up my daily schedule. I have 2 hours daily dedicated to watching it which is not the wisest thing to do esp with classes starting tomorrow night. We're almost at the end of season 3 which I think had the most love scenes per episode. That I'm H as Hell is really not being helped by that. I need to reconsider this being single business.

Weekly run down (I forgot to do it on Friday)
  • I have a brand spanking new NIECE. YAY!!!!!! I've been waiting for this kid to be born for an eternity. My cousin's wife gave birth last week and wow. It's hard to believe he is now a father considering that we are the same age and used to joke about who would have kids first. Anyway congratulations to him.
  • I am waiting on another niece / nephew who is due this coming week or early next week if they take their sweet time arriving.
  • New year, no resolutions made. I do however need to get on a workout plan. I am not planning to lose weight, more along the lines of gain muscle actually and strengthen my core muscles. I can no longer hold the plank position for 30 seconds and that does not bode well with me.
  • Anyone in need of organic health supplements let me know. I'm expanding my business offerings.
  • I am finally rested from all that traveling. Can't wait to do it again over the summer. I have one last trip to take then no more trips until May.
  • I miss my mother.
That's it for today, 2 more playlists to go. Teach Tolerance,


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readyornot said...

what? one trip and then none til may?? that doesn't even sound right!