Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Half penny post: At year's end

And so the year has come to an end. I am back home in Chi to bring in the new year. I am going to try to avoid making New Year's resolutions based on stuff that I'm not already doing.

I have travelled a great deal (photo is of me sleeping on a heating vent in DCA) and have one last story to add from yesterday's trip. People see only that which they wish to see. I was on my way through security and had taken off the requisite layers of clothing (shoes, belt, jacket, sweatsheat, hat etc). I was about to go through the detector and security tells me to go back and take off my light sweater. I almost threw a fit. The white bloke in front of me had just gone through wearing his. What The Fuck? I know I had my boi swagger going (I caught 3 different women eyeing me) but that was uncalled for. Black folks aren't trying to start somn on a plane, we've got other shit to worry about. Also if the white lady can go through the screener with her head scarf on, my black ass can sure as hell go through with my skull cap on as well. I just had to get that off my chest.

Back to the gist of this post... where was I ... o yes travel. I have gone to a good many places and enjooyed myself. I took my trips alone which enabled me to go wherever I pleased at the drop of a dime. In the last six months I've been to DC, NY, Philly, Miami, Berkely, San Fran, Vegas, Phoenix, New Orleans and a few other cities that are not coming to mind immediately. I've made acquaintances on planes, at airports even at coffee shops. All of whom have helped to make me feel that much less lonely.

Side note: Nicole Pina hot damn, if you are on Downelink look her up under nicki*****. She put up a new photo and Lord have mercy. I have the worst crush on this woman. How do you know you're not quite straight? Look at the photo and tell me you did not forget your next planned activity.

This year has also helped me to further define where I wish to be careerwise and socially. I am that much surer of myself and that much more comfortable with my sexuality. I have cut down on how much I take other people's opinions into account. This means I don't hide / dance around my sexuality as much. Still not sure how my mama will deal with meeting a girlfriend - should be fun. She is currently smitten with my sister's beau though. My sexuality has turned into the litmus test for people in my sister's life. If you can't deal with it get a stepping. I do love jr dearly. She's even out with me when I'm hitting on women.
I have lost people that I love and a few others have given birth. I discovered how much of a temper I have when I was crossed. I recently found out that someone who is practically family to me is expecting her first child ... yay!
To be continued ... I need sustenance.

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