Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chicago and other random thoughts.

Whining below ... you have been warned!
Our weather is a hot mess and so is our governor's situation ... it's the only thing in the news these days. Bailout ... another thing I'm hearing a lot off.
Another Chicago hot mess is the damn CTA. I was outside vying to catch a case of pneumonia today because the train signals up north stopped working and therefore the trains stopped running. Our train station faces the lake. Any moron will tell you that is a recipe for disaster. Ofcourse our glorious train station got expressed by the first train that came by so we had another 10 minutes wait for the next one. So I'm suffering through another round of sniffles, sneezes and rudolph moments. My nose is so thoroughly exfoliated it will give a baby's bottom a run for it's money.
I've got a case of insomnia that recently kicked in and that is really messing with me. Had to use a backup method in order to fall asleep last night.
My phone has chosen to give up its digital ghost and whining about that is a waste of energy soo next!
I'm beginning to hate being single ... and I'm going to blame that on the holidays.
On Friday, the good Lord willing I'm out of here for a few days. Canned air anyone?

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musicisamust said...

Wow, sounds like you had a rough day! Hope you're feelin better soon. Btw, you have great taste in music.