Saturday, December 27, 2008

Travel: 3 cities 1 day

Greetings from the floor at the humble Port Columbus OH airport. Yesterday I pulled a 3 city whirlwind tour. I had breakfast in New Orleans, lunch in Washington DC and dinner in Columbus OH. This is a meal in the downtown area of the cities mind you not the airports.
As luck would have it, due to weather and other lil things, I can't fly out of OH. I've been rolled over on standby from 2 flights and I'm about to call it a day and catch the bus back to Chi.
I made it to my home town last night and my favourite ice cream spot was open ... yay! I got a hot apple dumpling with home made pumpkin spice ice cream and caramel (pictured). Sinfully delightful ... I was in heaven.
I have an hour to kill before I've got to catch the bus into town. Airport tally for this trip ORD - PHL - DCA - IAD - MSY - CMH.

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readyornot said...

insane number of airports there. columbus, oh is my hometown. i hate the airport there, it is so tiny! sheena