Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday roundup

Tis Friday ... Yay!
Lovers and Friends has a new episode ... Tori anyone? And the Sasha storyline .... I'm jus saying it's up so watch it here.
Weather is a pain in the rear end. We're doing a snow man walk and the ice waddle, what is up with that?
My phone is on it's last rings ... thank goodness for my back-up phone. My phone is the most temperemental woman that I know. It will hog my text messages and deliver them at like midnight ... big problem.
Christmas soirees are in full swing. Ugly sweater competition anyone?
I encourage people to tune into U-People's live stream on Thursday nights at 9PM ET.
I recently had an interesting facebook exchange with some folks, an excerpt is below ( the names have been ommitted to protect the innocent)
  • Elegant bosoms and Delightful derrières...Derrières are just as fancy!
  • Teach me more. So you think it would fly if I complimented someone saying.."why, i could not help but notice your delightful derrieres.." , with appropriate pronunciation of course.
  • It's not plural, it's Derrière...It's pronounced "der-ee-air"...And so the proper usage would be, "What a lovely Derrière, Madame...Can I buy thee a drink?" Then when you get really gutsy, you can then offer the Elegant bosom line...Things should go smashingly well after this...Not that I've had any experience with such things...
  • Thanks for the grammar lesson. I'll be sure to let you know how many black eyes I rack up with the line combo :)
  • OK. So, you can be my wing-woMAN next rime we hang. Ty, i guarantee you, if you don't get lucky with that line, it's probably because your accent/pronunciation was off.
  • It's all in the "delivery", you need to exude sincerity and awe when you notice them, and more importantly, when you compliment her. Good luck dude.
  • That and you didn't liquor her up as well as you should have...Again, not that I've had ANY experience with such things....
  • Gotcha, deep wallet for the liquor, and fake it like you mean it ... well more of over enthuse
  • Well Ty, dude..i only say it when i truly mean it..see..that's the secret. No faking bro. But Deep wallet for yourself, cause after a few drinks, you'll mean it numerous times in one night at the right bar.
I have too much fun at times

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