Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow, Ice, Slush

It's a cold mess out there. That about summarizes Chicago's awesome weather. I think I got a facial walking between buildings this afternoon.
My cold is on it's way out and I'm a grateful bugger.
An interesting tale that was relayed to me by my sister
M: Why isn't your sister married? She's running a little behind schedule.
S: O she's not going to any time soon either.
M: Does she have a boyfriend?
S: She has a girlfriend.
M: Huh .... (a minute or so later) ... O .... O .... O
Anyway it's slow out here. I work. I sleep. I repair my roommate's laptops. I should start a business.

Time permitting check out this article on Homosexuality in Africa(African taboos surrounding gays hamper access to HIV/AIDS programs).

I continue to appreciate being able to be open about my sexuality in my every day life.

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